Home Visits – Mobile Physiotherapy

Beautiful elegant female nurse helping to the man patient who doing rehabilitation exercises in room indoors

If you are not mobile enough to come to our clinic or are recovering from an operation, our physiotherapist can visit you at home. For some, this type of appointment can be less stressful or easier to arrange. We offer both one-time consultation and regular therapy. Mobile physiotherapy with Physio Relief is available notably in the Greater London area.

Who can benefit from physiotherapy at home?

Mobile physiotherapy is a great choice for patients with conditions restricting mobility, for whom travelling to the clinic is very problematic. It can help people suffering from:

  • neurological conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis,
  • osteoporosis,
  • dementia,
  • severe back pain, or joint and muscle aches;

as well as:

  • elderly people,
  • patients recovering from an operation or serious injury,
  • those who need fall prevention therapy, or
  • any kind of rehabilitation.
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Services offered at home visits

In order to bring our clinic to your home, we will provide the aids and equipment necessary for your therapy session. Depending on your needs, mobile physiotherapy services include:

  • assessment of the patient's condition,
  • pain management,
  • massage, mobilisation, and manipulation,
  • neurological and sports injuries rehabilitation,
  • walking pattern re-education,
  • walking aid progression,
  • elderly rehabilitation,
  • balance therapy,
  • modified Pilates sessions,
  • physiotherapy for pregnant women,
  • sports massage,
  • customized home exercise program.

Benefits of mobile physiotherapy

No stress. Receiving professional care in the comfort of your home allows you to relax, which enhances the positive effects of treatment and your well-being. It also saves you the hassle of travelling to the clinic. 

Convenient for high-risk patients. Physiotherapy at home is the best option for people whose mobility is restricted by illness or disability, as well as those especially prone to infections. 

Tips for caretakers and home environment. Upon visiting, our physiotherapist can suggest additional changes in your everyday space, that will make your life easier. Our experienced therapists can also share with caregivers their insights and tips regarding handling and moving techniques. 

Highly personalised care. Exercises presented by our physiotherapists are tailored towards navigating within your place of comfort, thereby giving you the skills you may need to live safely. Through the additional recommendations based on your current home, there are proven increased chances of swift recovery.

How to schedule a visit?

You can book an appointment at any time, including afternoons and weekends. Book online or give us a call at 020 8126 7766.