Manual Therapy – Physiotherapy

Professional senior physiotherapist doing manual treatment to a young woman with spine problems in the cabinet of rehabilitation clinic

Manual therapy is the very definition of “hands-on” therapy. This technique uses the manipulation of joints and muscles by a skilled physiotherapist to relieve pain and tension. It is often combined with an exercise prescription, to provide the best effects.

Everyone can benefit from manual therapy: patients recovering from injury, athletes who want to expand their range of motions, as well as people with increased muscle tension.


Manual joints mobilisation or manipulation
Passive movements of varying intensities are applied to a joint by our experienced physiotherapist. This technique increases joint mobility, and a pain-free range of movement, and boosts circulation within the joint.

Manual soft tissues therapy
The pressure is manually applied to the skin, muscles and tendons, ligaments and fascia. These techniques include deep tissue massage, trigger points release, and neural mobilisation.

In this technique, the physiotherapist manually corrects painful tender points by reducing the level of muscle tension. It is gentle enough to be suitable for acute aches or back problems.

Professional senior physiotherapist doing manual treatment to a man in the cabinet of rehabilitation clinic


Prehabilitation helps to:

  • reduce muscle tension and soft-tissue inflammation;
  • relieve pain and induce relaxation;
  • improve tissue extensibility and increase joints mobility;
  • increase range of motion;
  • improve tissue repair;
  • facilitate movement therapy.

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