Online physiotherapy

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Virtual consultation is a great choice for patients for whom travelling to the clinic is somehow problematic. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have time to spend on travel, can’t take time off work or simply you feel more comfortable at home. Now, you don’t have to resign from your physiotherapy sessions!

We offer a professional assessment with a wide range of functional tests and a range of motion analysis that will help our specialists make a proper diagnosis, provide you with a bespoke rehab plan, individually selected exercises, auto- therapy or auto- massage instructions and evidence-based advice.

How does it work?

First, via our online booking system select your expert physiotherapist and book a time that suits your schedule.

Your physio will get in touch with you prior to your appointment to confirm the arrangements for your appointment. You will receive an email with a link and password to access the meeting on the selected platform.

Few minutes before your physio meeting begins, using the device of your choice, you click on the link your therapist send you and follow the instructions for starting the session. Ensure you join the meeting with Computer Audio and Computer Video.

During the appointment, your physiotherapist will lead you through a series of functional tests, conduct an interview to come with a diagnosis and a rehab plan adjusted to your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask any question that comes up to you, we’re here to resolve every doubt of yours!

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  • You save time and money spend on travelling to clinic
  • Flexibility provides you with appointments suited to your daily schedule
  • It’s perfect option for those, who feel more comfortable in their home than at the clinic
  • You can connect with your physiotherapist through any device such as laptop, tablet, desktop or mobile phone
  • Good option for patients in remote locations, whether they travel far or simply live quite a long distance from the clinic
  • While choosing not to travel, you reduce carbon dioxide emission

Online physiotherapy appointments are also the answer to the question: What to do if I live outside the reach of Mobile Physiotherapy sessions and I cannot travel to the clinic? We will do our best to fulfil your expectations and develop a work pattern that suits you the most!

How to schedule a visit?

You can book an appointment at any time, including afternoons and weekends. Book online or give us a call at 020 8126 7766.